Ban Meliodas

A short blonde man who duel wields short swords.


Ban Meliodas

At 5’ 3’’ Ban is the shortest of the adventuring group.
Ban, even though small, is very toned and at great physical condition.
He has long blonde hair, green eyes, and a small goatee.


Bans signature weapons are a duel set of short swords, He is known to use them both equally as good in either hand and is just as good using two swords as he is with a single weapon.

Ban also has a short bow, however this usually remains un-stringed and with his horse as ban prefers to face his opponents in melee and will only use his bow if the situation truly needs it.
Using only a leather breast plate Ban mainly uses his agility and skill at arms as defence rather than bulky armour.


Ban is optimistic believing everything will be sorted out as long as people try hard and never give up.
He cares deeply for those he calls friends and always tries to help those in need.
Ban is confident in his ability as a fighter and is not afraid to be the first one into a fight.

Despite all this sometimes his tempter can get the better of him, when this happens he does not think clearly and will act impulsive, not listening to reason or suggestions of others and putting himself or his fight before everything else, once ban finally calms down he often realises that he may of been a little out of order.


Ban Meliodas

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